Hiring today is very different than it was just 10 years ago, largely because we are in a candidate-driven market where expectations of talent have a bigger impact on what hiring managers have to take into consideration. With that in mind, we thought it might be useful to profile top tech talents looking for work on a weekly basis. In other words – here are 5 stories from technical talent themselves looking for work –

Embedded C++, Embedded C, Python

I do custom electronics, robotics, and embedded software development – I specialize in quickly turning ideas into prototypes. I’ve built custom automation equipment for chemistry labs, sensors that are in use in household/utility applications, control circuitry for construction equipment, 3d printing electronics, data acquisition equipment.

Rails, Node, Golang

My background is that of an engineer in the truest sense — I’ve achieved a BEng (Hons) in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the University of Leeds and a MSc (with Distinction) in Mechatronics from King’s College London, United Kingdom. Tackling challenging problems is my passion, and I’m driven to deliver well-engineered pragmatic solutions daily. I also hack with Advanced Shell scripting, Dart, Kotlin, Elixir, Rust, and other languages.

Ruby, React, Redis

I have been using Ruby on Rails since 2006 as both a hobbyist and a professional, in addition to other Ruby frameworks such as Padrino or Hanami. I am seeking challenging problems that engage my creativity and desire to build neatly architected, functional, and well-tested apps. Very open to opportunities to do more front-end development (particularly in React), or move into other languages and frameworks such as Elixir or Phoenix.

JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS

I have a passion for translating beautiful designs into functional user interfaces and building great web applications. I’ve successfully delivered projects like a CSS UI library used by 17,000 employees, a mobile app that has 120,000+ users, and an award-winning payroll system used at 400+ sites. I’ve done frontend work for Adobe, Webflow, Bayer, among other companies. I’ve been working remotely for the last 6 years for clients and companies worldwide. I can be flexible in order to have overlapping working hours with a distributed team.

Rust, Ethereum, Solidity

I have spent years working on different technologies and I very well understand that what makes good software is not only how well it is technically crafted but more importantly how well it handles market trends. Developing software in such a way that it is easy to maintain is what I keep in mind while building them. Although I have mostly worked on Python, Javascript, C++, HTML, CSS and their frameworks such as React, Django, Bootstrap, I observed that basics engineering concepts remain same in most of the tools and languages, and for the same, any specific programming language or framework is not my constraint. I can pick up things fast as per requirements. Currently, I am exploring the field of Blockchain and Machine Learning and also learning to program using Rust which I believe will be widely used in the future.

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