How many times have you heard that judicious compromise is the key to success? It’s actually very true!  

In fact, compromise is often the key to many victories in life, including, for example, the developing of brilliantly successful applications like WhatsApp or Uber. 

Compromises, along with gaining lived experiences together help create a perfect environment where great products can be developed.

So, to earn a living as a developer you have to learn to code and practice it regularly.

And to further become an excellent developer, you have to compromise certain life – aspects, such as late-night parties and Netflix binges.

Great products also are not created out of a need to compete with peers.

Instead, they are born out of a zeal to prove that something wonderful can be made out of nothing but a single disruptive idea.

All the popular companies that are almost indispensable in our lives today? Such as Whatsapp, Apple or Ford.

They were all created out of this need – to set their own standards.

In order to create extraordinary products, you just need one last thing.
Learning. And no, that is definitely not the same thing as education. 

A culture of meritocracy has led us to assess ourselves based on grades and rankings. Increasingly, however, we are all learning to grow out of that.

We need to understand that scoring an exceptional mark is not necessarily proportional to learning and growing.

Learning encompasses far more than simply institutional education – it also includes personal development, discipline, and self – reflexivity.

 Learning cannot be compromised for the sake of marks or grades! 


 Suppose you are good at android development. However what you’re actually doing most of the time is plain coding, which you can do because of your education.

However, excellent developers would push themselves to learn about new ways to write the code.


Let us know how we can help you find a better opportunity to truly learn, and become the best.   


Remember, we don’t compromise when it comes to “learning”.

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