The technology industry has always been an exciting place to be. With advancements in not only machines but in ways of using them, it’s no wonder job opportunities in this industry are growing at tremendous rates.

In fact, the USA clocked in a bumper increase of 261,000 jobs in the tech industry alone in the past year, according to Cyberstates 2019 report.

Growing concern about the planet’s welfare is also leading to a race among companies for producing the most energy- efficient yet effective products they can think of.  In terms of vehicle technology, driverless ground vehicles which run on alternative forms of energy are being considered the new, inevitable future!


In such a situation, there’s a company with disruptive new ideas, farsight, and an incredible will to bring good changes to society. This is Azevtec, based in Golden, Colorado, with the ambition of developing autonomous, zero-emission vehicle technologies for sustainable transportation!



What’s it like to work with Azevtec?

Working with Azevtec is just not the same as any other job! Being a team with the dual mission of encouraging innovative vehicle technologies while still protecting the environment, it tends to be a unique experience.

Imagine this. You are on a small team of brilliant minds, working on a challenging problem together. Responsibility is shared, and you trust your colleagues, who are as talented as you. Azevtec is a fast-growing team of 30+ engineers with skills in hardware, robotics, embedded and so on.

Together, you grow a company from scratch, combining the best of autonomous vehicle technology, and a software-as-a-service business model. Your team has members who have years of experience and they help you to maintain the company’s spotless track record.

Isn’t this the dream job life for all of us? 

Well, Azevtec allows you to participate in a work environment which is as supportive and productive as this! In return, all they want are top-level skills and dedication.

What Would You Be Working On?

Primarily on automating first – mile trucking. This means that their primary goal is to ensure enhanced operational performance of vehicles in extremely busy freight-shipping hubs. Their targets are also to reduce cost and improve safety by reducing crash-related accidents.

 Then, your task would be to ensure that large enterprises can ship their goods in simpler, cheaper ways – by using automation. You’d be working on perfecting the robotic systems which do the actual work of automating the vehicle movements!

Doesn’t That Sound like a Fascinating Job?

Cargo Container

What’s Special About Azevtec?

Apart from the satisfaction of giving your talent a true challenge, you’d actually be giving back to the planet! This is because Azevtec encourages responsible deployment of autonomous vehicles. These make life easier for the users, but without damaging the environment, which has been the unavoidable side-effect of so many technologies!

You’d also be working to make sustainable technology accessible to enterprises shipping large goods, such that its use rate can shoot up in the coming years.

An experience that runs into decades in terms of trucking, software, and robotics, allows this company to be soaring to great heights, which ensures that you’d be having the time of your life.

Azevtec’s proven expertise in producing numerous commercially successful, safe vehicles allows it also to be backed by global top – tier investors. This means that the team can always continue to refine and perfect its technology, with support from all across the world!

If this short story about life with Azevtec made you yearn to be there instead of where you are right now, we have a surprise for you. This ultra-successful company is hiring!

Yes, you read that right. They’re looking for an exceptional engineer to join their ranks and help grow their company to sky-level!

Head on over to to know further details. If you think you fit the bill, simply take the 60-second challenge and you will have applied for this enviable position!



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