Let us start with some good news. We are talking about the new immigration policy by President Donald Trump. The newly proposed immigration scheme is a point based system that prioritizes the entry of immigrants with a certain level of education and professional qualifications.

This means it would surely benefit highly skilled Indian professionals to obtain US visas and even green cards. And if we talk about Canada, then it has always been very welcoming for Indians with much lenient immigration policy.

Before going any further you need to understand what does highly skilled jobs in technological sector mean. It can be as diverse as cloud integration, devOps, and artificial intelligence and so on.

Project management or program management on the other hand which was regarded as high in demand skills a few years back are no longer considered as highly skilled jobs.

The number of Indian immigrants residing in the US is more than 2.4 million as of 2017 (US Census), proving the US to be a hugely popular choice for Indian Professionals.

Canada has always had a high rate of Indian immigrants as per the Canadian Government website. Statistics show the number of Indians in Canada as of 2018 is about 126000, the majority being based in Toronto, the technological hub.

Now the question comes how to apply for jobs in the US or Canada?  Here comes the good part. According to recent reports, The United States of America is battling financial challenges due to the dearth of highly skilled professionals (The Hindu).

The employment opportunities are there, but unfortunately, the tech companies don’t have access to the right skill or talent. The same story applies to Canada as well, however, due to their more relaxed policies, immigrating is much easier. So if you are qualified, know your job and have mastered your skill, chances are your job application would be accepted sooner than you expect.

However, we have listed some easy ways to find your perfect job.

7 Step Journey to Find The Perfect Job

  1. Focus on the type of jobs you are looking for.
  2. Find a list of employers who sponsor H1B Visa for jobs in the USA. On the other hand, you can apply for a Canadian Visa online itself.
  3. Try to network with people working with those companies in relevant roles.
  4. Research once you have interviews lined up.
  5. Preference is given to candidates with US master degree.
  6. You can find an Indian Company who sponsors visa is an easier option for people applying from India.
  7. Many fortune companies are interested in candidates who are visa ready. You cannot get H1B without a sponsor but can get a different visa shelling out your own money wherein you get a work permit, which can later be replaced by H1B visa after obtaining sponsorship from any company.

Now let’s elaborate and discuss your roadmap ahead.

Set Your Priorities


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Find your Niche

First and foremost, you need to have a calm mind and think clearly. Once you decide to make the big move, you have to plan your next steps strategically. You need to find and understand job profiles that are relevant to you.

If you are an Agile Coach, then you can look for work involving design thinking. USA and Canada have several tech firms scattered all over the country. On one side there are big giants like IBM, Intel, Microsoft, on the other hand, there are multiple startups and mid-level tech organization. But before you jump your guns, do a thorough study on the companies (especially startups), read reviews online (Glassdoor), see how much revenue they generate annually. Also if possible connect to current employees of the organizations via LinkedIn. This would help you to shortlist the companies as per your choice.

Design your Resume


Best Resume Wins

Yes, you read it right. You don’t just create a resume, you need to design it.  Your resume is your tool to stand out in the crowd. You might be a seasoned pro but still, need to put forward the perfect curriculum vitae to land a job interview. Your resume should be simple but not dull.



It should not only give information about your professional expertise but also provide a peek into your persona. You can also share your work portfolio. For example, if you are applying for a technical writing job, you may share the link to your blogs. And add to that create a proper profile on LinkedIn. Many tech companies screen that profile too for a better understanding.   

An Online Job Search Can Make Matters Easy

Apart from Company websites, plenty of jobs are posted on online job portals. Opening an account on these portals is easy and most of the times free of cost. Here you can connect to a number of employers in a short span of time.

The biggest advantage being, you can search jobs across regions, geographical location sitting at one place and also get job notifications at regular interval. Many sites have specialized services wherein you get guidelines about writing a resume preparing for interviews etc.

You can also post professional videos about yourself on portals. You can use stackraft where finding suitable jobs is very easy given that you have the right skill. Just search for jobs in Canada or the US, and you will have a list of options such as data science, engineering, and software development, etc. The best part is you need to showcase your skills and take challenges to get selected for a job. It’s not only independent of your resume. Moreover, you can accept interview requests from hiring managers directly. 

Acing The Interview


Open Up

Now here comes the most vital part. Your resume has been seen and shortlisted. Now it’s time to face your interviewer. Most companies would rely on telephonic or video interview for immigrants. Organizing your thoughts is the key here. Primarily you need to read and research the company you are interviewing for.

Get a clear idea about the job profile so that you know what expectations the company has for the said position. Make a list of probable questions and can even have a mock interview session with any close friend. There are career coaches in stackraft who can help you prepare for interviews.  Finally, stay calm, composed, talk slowly and confidently.

Believe In Networking

We are now in a digital age where everything is available online; even you can form professional bonds on social media platforms. There are several active groups and communities who deals and discusses immigration rules, policies, job scopes, and opportunities.

Becoming a member of such communities can enhance your chances to get job-related information. Support groups may also aid you in your job search and application process. Occasional meetups may help you form networks with people residing in the USA or Canada who can act as reference points if the need arises.

 You may perhaps also form connections with people working in your preferred companies. An easy way to find networks is to join‘Professionals on Slack networks and you can look up the conversation available to find a company that is suitable for you.

The Visa Game


Skill is everything.

This is perhaps the most difficult part of immigration.  For highly skilled jobs you need to have H1B Visa which is very expensive and cannot be obtained without sponsorship.

If any company is ready to offer you the same, then it can be said for sure that it is in dire need of your skills.

There are many companies however who prefer candidates who already have some kind of visas such as L1B or L1 visa so that they can come and work with them for until they get an H1B. Also, H1B sanction takes quite a lot of time and there are chances of rejection too. Your papers need to be highly organized and fault free. Another option for easy immigration is to apply a job in any company in India which has offices in the US and then take a transfer from here.

The visa hassle, in this case, might be less. Please be safe from consultancies who charges money for visa. This is nothing but visa fraud.

It is relatively easier to obtain a Canadian visa. The whole process can be initiated online. Just go through the official website for all the information. Just follow the steps and apply for the visa. If you have already cracked IELTS or CELPIP, then you might get quick entry to the existing pool of skilled immigrants.

 Finding a job in the USA or Canada is not that difficult as it may seem. You just need to know the right way. And rest can be taken care of by us.


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