How do you market yourself as a software developer?

Marketing is an essential skill for a software developer. Advancing your career is about getting new skills. It is also about thinking of yourself as a business and your skills as unique talents that you can promote.  Internal marketing is as important as external marketing Before we go ahead ask…

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(Not) A Love Letter From A Tech Recruiter

Dear Software Engineers This is a recruiter speaking. Do not worry. This is not a Job Ad. Nor is this yet another follow-up of a Job Ad. I generally wanted to write to you. You might get 15 new recruiter requests every day on linkedin. But I don’t really count…

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Top 15 JAVA Interview Questions

Not all interviews will focus on algorithms and data structures — often times an interview will focus solely on the language or technology that you have claimed to be an expert in. In interviews like these, there usually aren’t any “gotcha” questions, instead they require you to draw on memory…

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How to screen C and C++ developer programming skills?

  C and C++ developers don’t get the same buzz as developers in other languages. They aren’t as ubiquitous as JavaScript developers. They aren’t as well connected to hot topics like data science as Python developers. They don’t use technology as up-and-coming as Kotlin developers do. But unlike the technologies…

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