Author page: Amit Ghosh

Live Your Future with Green Technology

The technology industry has always been an exciting place to be. With advancements in not only machines but in ways of using them, it’s no wonder job opportunities in this industry are growing at tremendous rates. In fact, the USA clocked in a bumper increase of 261,000 jobs in the…

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A Brilliant Solution To Group Payment Headaches

Imagine this. You’re planning a huge surprise for your mother. You will be buying gifts for her from a premium e-commerce site. You’ve even roped in the rest of the family! But when it comes to payment time, it’s chaos. You’re going crazy trying to split the cost among everyone.…

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The Future of Work is Remote

When I hear the words ‘remote’ and ‘work’ with relation to the future, my mind conjures up the image of robots huddled up in a corner possibly plotting against humanity inadvertently setting off the next franchise of Terminators. And, I’m not alone. When work in the future is brought up,…

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We don’t Hire -We Recruit

Imagine that you are running a recruitment drive for your company. And you are frustrated because the “right candidates” don’t seem to be coming your way! You choose to curse your luck and grumble, instead of wondering what’s going on. The problem might actually be lurking within the carefully crafted…

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