Imagine this. You’re planning a huge surprise for your mother. You will be buying gifts for her from a premium e-commerce site. You’ve even roped in the rest of the family!

But when it comes to payment time, it’s chaos. You’re going crazy trying to split the cost among everyone. No one has any idea of how much money they owe you.

Some people by nature delay paying up. Eventually, you end up paying for it all, and never try to plan anything like it again!

In this scenario, you lose out, but so does the e-commerce site! It might be a great site with eye-catching products, but without having a versatile system of accepting payments, it might end up losing many customers who would be buying as a group.

Imagine planning a large group trip, or ordering some shirts in bulk for a reunion party and the end result might be the same.

What the e-commerce site needs is an organiser. A platform which can coordinate its payments, and offer flexible payment solutions to customers.

Which is why Pay By Group is the superhero of all businesses that have something important to sell, in today’s age.

What then, is this absolutely revolutionary online payments experience?

Well, Pay By Group allows the customer base of any retail business to pay them, by splitting the costs among themselves in a few simple steps.

They’ve taken your stressful cost-split calculations, and turned it into a secure and easy transaction – as easy as paying individually!

Wondering how it works?

Pay By Group works as the best payment method for businesses whose target clients are generally groups. So of course, that includes travel agencies, gift-giving or medical e-commerce companies, custom apparel companies and so on.

Simply put, if you’re discussing quotes for your next family trip, thinking of ordering a more comfy wheelchair for a loved one, or getting ready to pay the deposit for a luxury rental villa, Pay By Group is your friend.

Businesses using Pay By Group can use it in numerous ways! For e-commerce sites, it can be a checkout option – allowing customers to split the bill among themselves and each pays their own share.

For travel agencies, it can become an invoice equivalent and collect payments from a group based on quote discussions. It can automate installment payments for the agency too!

A booking service or rental business can require groups to pay a certain deposit in order to lock down their choice. Pay By Group helps to regulate that by allowing one member of the whole group to pay the deposit. It then refunds money if the deposit turns out to be larger than the member’s fair share!

Finally, Pay By Group also manages bulk order companies, by allowing them to automate the custom data they collect from their users. This helps the companies to organise price breaks in order to incentivise sales.

Does this sound pathbreaking to you yet?

If not, to top it off, Pay By Group is fully customisable for the companies using it. Payment schedules can be as flexible as they wish to make it.

In fact, they are payment gateway agnostic! That means, businesses can continue to use their trusted payment gateways for transactions, without losing out on the Pay By Group experience.

The interactive, user -friendly interface has already charmed many top businesses and helped them grow their client size.

Companies which have benefited have termed it as “the easiest way to pay” (Custom Tours) and the “best payments experience. (VRBO)”

After all, this, if you are thinking, “hey, that sounds like a super creative group. I wish I could be recruited into such a team!”, then you are in luck.

For Pay By Group is employing! They are looking for a motivated Senior Front End Engineer from anywhere in the world to join their winning team, and that person could be you! Active on merchant sites across multiple continents, this could be the dream opportunity to catapult you forward on your job journey.

What you need to know:

  • Job Title: Senior Front End Engineer
  • Type: Fulltime
  • Salary: 120,000-180,000 USD
  • Required Skills: React, JavaScript, Redux, HTML, CSS, SQL, RESTful


To know more, visit, take a 60 second challenge to apply and who knows? You could soon be joining hands with the people who make group payments a smooth journey for everyone involved.

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